Why Do They Kill Me? - Tim Kreider

Why Do They Kill Me?

Political Cartoons and Essays, 2000-2004

Why Do They Kill Me? - Tim Kreider

“His cartoons are merciless, sparing no one–not even their own horrified, disoriented author. His drawings are inspired, his humor devastating, and his truthfulness almost unbearable. In short, he is to the satirical cartoon what Stanley Kubrick was to cinematic satire.”
MARK CRISPIN MILLER, author of Boxed In

“Less a collection of cartoons, more a searingly angry document of our times… Drawn with the same grotesque savagery as Ralph Steadman, [these cartoons] pull no punches.”
The Ecologist

“Simply put, he is the most acerbic, nastiest, and (most importantly) funniest political cartoonist alive.”
Rob Clough, sequart.com

Why Do They Kill Me? still isn’t anything close to a distillation of the enormous talents of cartoonist Tim Kreider…”
Leroy Douresseaux, The Comic Book Bin

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