Twilight of the Assholes - Tim Kreider

Twilight of the Assholes


Twilight of the Assholes - Tim Kreider

“Kreider is the polar opposite of most of our pundits these days. His views on politics are drawn not from some corporate team-building instinct but from a hatred of liars and cowards of any kind, which makes him an iconoclast in the purest sense of the word.”
Matt Taibbi, author of Griftopia
“Sometimes vulgar and crude but often insightful, always passionate, Kreider’s essays and illustrations offer a voice for a nation seemingly without hope.”

Publisher’s Weekly

“A vicious, scorched-earth set of tactics that matches the passionate intensity of the right, only imbued with a wicked and outrageous sense of humor to go with a keen sense of observation.”
Rob Clough, The Comics Journal

“One of the best cartoon coshes ever applied to the politics of this century.”
Win Wiacek, “Now Read This”

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