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“Up in the Air”: A New Essay for Download

As part of my ongoing quest for ways to make money as a writer in the 21st century, I am undertaking an experiment: offering a new essay as a 99¢ downloadable pdf file. The essay, “Up in the Air,” is  a short one (around 1500 words, the length of one of my New York Times op-eds) but it’s one of my favorite things I’ve ever written. It’s about what Kim Stanley Robinson calls “the time without skin”–those in-between times in our lives (between careers, homes, or relationships) when we’re deprived of the anesthetizing comfort of our daily habits or any certainty about the future, and have to confront all the dreadful Big-Picture questions we hoped we’d put behind us for good. It even includes an old, previously-unpublished-online cartoon as illustration.

Stuck In the Middle With You

Stuck in the MiddleI am the least illustrious interviewee featured in my friend Jennifer Finney Boylan’s new book, Stuck In the Middle With You: A Memoir of Parenting in Three Genders. (Other interviewees include Edward Albee and Richard Russo.) Although I have zero interest in “parenting” I was up late last night reading this book. The title is somewhat misleading; it is, like my own book, about the somewhat mixed experience of being alive, and it is, like all of Jenny’s work, smart and funny and moving. It even made me faintly envious, in a safely abstract way, of her domestic family life.